SkypeRoll Signals Something New

October 17, 2003

in Skype Journal

Yes Skype is on a roll and yet how many Bloggers on Skype are there? What is a SkypeRoll when you are tired with BlogRolls (See Jim’s Comment) and want to start a new collection? How might SkypeRolls be used? What’s the benefit of creating a Skype enabled posting and sending it out through an RSS feed? I think there’s an angle for Classified Ads, and similar personals.

First what have I done? I’ve started an experiment. It’s prototyping in its crudest fashion. I’m not a programmer and don’t really want to be. First I created a SkypeRoll.

SkypeRoll borrows from the smart thinking behind using an MT Blog as a BlogRoll. I’ve just modified the fields to capture:

  • Skypers Name – Title
  • EntryBody – URL of Blog
  • Extended Entry – Skype Handle
  • Except – RSS Syndication Feed
  • Bloggers on Skype
    Uses the above information to read the RSS feed and thus capture the latest post in from the Skypers blog(when rebuilt). Note if you are in Bloggers on Skype you can enter your name and search for your page.

    Note it is equally simple to enable a SkypePeople. The first thing that new Skypers want is a buddy to talk to. It could take a number of forms and similarly be enabled by RSS feeds. Thus you could subscribe to categories that you are interested in. Later this could evolve. Eg I’d like to talk to someone about taking a trip to NZ… (You may just find a friendly bed n breakfast Skyper down under answering it.)

    I’ve used Mt’s OtherBlog Plug-in to import the latest “Bloggers on Skype” entries onto this blog.

    Want to Join Up? Join here! Similarly if you want all the Skype Links they are here. This isn’t the world’s best method for registering people. What it needs is a log-on system so individuals can register and then confirm without human intervention. So I thoughts or RECOMMENDATIONS PLEASE. What platform might enable this quickly?

    I hope you are not thinking just another blogroll. There are reasons this could be both a good and bad idea. For me this represents a prototype to demonstrate the potential for a rapid broadcasting system (with categories) of individuals looking for conversation with possibly short lifespans for the connection. A CraigList on vocal steriods, a Match that is more synchonouse. Then approaching it another way could provide a notification system for new company leads in conjunction with both matching and profiling services.

    There are also some issues that I’m sure many of us are aware of. From Spam Calls to the need for mulitiple profiles and callerID type programs. Is it person to person or person to business? Etc. I’d like your views. What’s good? What needs to be solved? Where might it go?

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