Slate Notices Skype

October 23, 2003

in Accelerating Innovation

The articles on Skype keep rolling in. This one from Slate illustrates the impact that disruptive technologies have on incumbents. It’s better late than never.

In the less than two months it’s been available, 1.6 million people have downloaded the software, setting a world record for this kind of thing. As a crude measure of buzz, after six weeks of life the word “Skype” generates more than 2.8 million pages on Google. As a point of comparison “KaZaA,” which is Skype’s progenitor (the two Swedes who invented KaZaA invented Skype), appears nearly 4.4 million times. You Can Hear Verizon Now – But can you hear it later? By David S. Bennahum

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