Lunching at Kokkari

October 25, 2003

in General Interest

I left the Canter’s yesterday after an interesting lunch with Marc, Lisa, and Dina. I’m not sure who told the bigger Indian stories, just know that visiting India remains on my travel agenda wish list. Interesting to hear why Dina’s view on Ryze and why Indians won’t pay. She has a great story round Avi Das via Ryze. Hope she will blog it one day. The stories element is missing from too many of these sites, whether Linked-In, Ryze, Tribe. The more testimonials the better. People learn how to use them through stories.

As the Marc Canter show returned to home base, we meet Mimi and were blogged. It wouldn’t have been such a big thing except Marc is using K-Collector, something not available “YET” to us mere mortal MT users. Lilia has also been posting on it. K-Collector is Matt Mower and Paolo Valdemarin. This time it made sense. I want to try it out! I’m going to Skype Matt!

Also asked Marc if he’d been Skyping with them? He’s not yet bought my suggestion re trying out Skype – not open source. Still, the headset arrived for him while we were there. Concurrently I think Dina thought she was in India as Marc’s ADSL connection became sporadic during our visit.

As for all this networking. Face to face still beats all the virtual stuff.

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