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October 26, 2003

in Accelerating Innovation

There’s a place in the Skype forums for stories. For me even one story a week would make Skyping worthwhile. My latest — I said I was going to Skype with Matt Mower and yesterday we did for over an hour. Think it was 1:00am in England when we finished. Still it was a neat call, and it covered more than just K-Collector.

A good story has a twist or an unexpected connection. That what calling other SkypeBloggers provides. It’s so often the unintended consequences of ones actions that are likely to pay the biggest dividends. Matt and I brokered a Marc Canter / K-Collector intro, a Phil Wolff Skype link in to something that potentially means much more than just reading another blog. On the K-Collector front, I’m keen to see his MT solution. Matt describes their Real-Time KM solution that will further accelerate conversations and learning. Matt used a phrase in our conversation “Bubbles to the Surface”, it one we used in KCI many years ago round the Knowledge Capital Engine, an approach to spiraling value creation. Great ideas just bubble up just like a great champagne. Good conversations flow like Champagne.

It’s no mystery. Putting a real voice to a blog makes it much more personal, the words more important.

While exchanging names he also mentioned Martin Hall, well known for his Systemic Values approach. Just happens that when I meet with Charles Savage – in the Bay Area later this week that he too is hoping to meet with Martin. As you can see from Martin’s post, values analysis just provide another twist on how K-Collector may be stretched and I learn that he’s been connecting with Terry Frazier too. Without Skype I would have missed all this.

With this little twist (thanks Matt) Martin and I now just need to complete this new Skype connection. I’m sure we will tomorrow. Now that’s what is neat about the combination of blogs and Skype. There’s a lot more exchanging taking place. Take K-Collector and create power topics, get Skype to give us Conferencing capability and that may just rachet up another notch. Blogging alone was merely publishing. SkypeBlogging is more about networking and accelerating ideas. That certainly suits me just fine.

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