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October 27, 2003

in Accelerating Innovation

Here’s a small request for my readers at SKYPE. What I want is a version of the client that enables me to start playing with Next Generation CallerID. It’s not a big ask.

It goes like this. Next Gen Caller ID is where Skypephony really takes off. It’s the point that enables all sorts of new social capital exchanges to happen. Similarly it enables the market for smart directories and other anonymous matching services. It’s will also mandatory if we are to solve longer term “Caller Spam”. Skype must enable smarter connections, Skype can’t manage or even foresee all the filters we might each personally want. While companies and enterprises will have other requirements. So this says create the market. Facilitate the growth of next generation Caller ID services.

For all purposes the traditional phone is limited to dumb or obvious connections. Augmented directories and friends of friends will enable a telephone system to revolve around social connectivity rather than electronic switches. Connections we want will lead to higher call rates and increase usage. More calls make Skype more valuable. Making the desktop part of the phone/communication management solution further changes the phone paradigm. It will also create other new products I’m not even going to speculate on here.

So? What do I want? Skype should provide the client with the capability to turn on or off a Caller ID plug-in capability. Plug-ins may only work with premium versions. When activated my super Caller ID will be able to handle incoming call detection, putting it on hold, or post check… enabling it to resume and connect. It may link to various profiling services. They will be specified by me. It means I’ll get a lot more than just a phone number when you call. It also means… those ID providers that fail me will simply lose my business.

Do this right and it pays. There’s a positive business model here. When can I have it? Thanks Skype?

Now while I believe that communication management is a good thing. I’m not sure that a Skype plug-in is the only solution here. I’d appreciate any info on how to sniff out incoming callers, ID them and potentially relate them to other databases or information requests. Seems I ought to be able to do this on my desktop!

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