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November 4, 2003

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John Moore has a neat update on Scoble’s Corporate Weblog Manifesto Has Robert changed? Some useful thinking here for corporate blogs! I also remain baffled. Robert’s blog remains a radio address, there is no link to Microsoft on it. From my perspective it looks like a personal blog. Or does this just confirms that Microsoft doesn’t have a corporate blogging strategy. Few large companies do.

I’ve been reading Robert Scoble’s recent post updating his Corporate Weblog Manifesto. He wrote the Manifesto the day after being offered his current job at Microsoft. His update is posted a few months later. What intrigues me is the contrast between the two. The original manifesto is optimistic, challenging and inspiring…

Compare and contrast with his update, written as a Microsoft employee. Check the full entry to get these quotes in context…..

It’s surprising how the whole tone shifts from one of engagement to one of avoidance; from a list of dos to one of don’ts… for me from courage to fear.. [The Ourhouse Weblog]

Externally focused corporate blogs are not easy when you are concerned with what you can report, rules, and review procedures. Yet rather than reinforce danger in corporate blogging I’d suggest creating some “YES LISTS” Yes we should blog that. And that! Where new corporate bloggers are wary and unsure (always had to get Marketing PR approval before) they are now being granted a voice. Not all will want to participate. However, key public blogs (private blogs are separate) will enable certain things to be reported and categorized. Add to this a list of how NEW CONVERSATIONS can help you. Then link and follow some NEW VOICES. Some may be potential clients. Other experts or a simple great piece seen in a newreader. Open yourself up to new suggestions. Make it easy for others to suggest RSS feeds or new categories to you. Blogging should be part of your EMPOWERMENT strategy. If it isn’t fun and easy don’t worry you employees won’t do it anyways.

Still It has to be hard blogging in Microsoft and Robert is not alone. John Pocaro uses TypePad and has a wonderful list of Microsoft bloggers! The Unofficial Official?? Microsoft Bloggers List. So why did Microsoft hire such a well-known blogger in Robert? Many reasons I’m sure. Still was it for their list of buddies? How valuable is the feeds and links such a blogger brings? If I were Microsoft I’d have my bloggers blogging under a Microsoft banner. I’d also make more visible the comments and what people are talking and asking about. Afterall “our people are our filters” and blogging is certainly part of being a better filter. Let’s hope the busy corporate blogger pays attention to the exchanges around them.

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