Newsgator / Feedster and the Toggle

November 6, 2003

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As my list of RSS subsciptions increases I’ve had to introduce new strategies. My habits have also changed. Back in May I was experimenting with NewsReaders and I trialed NewsGator at the time. NewsGator inserts itself into Microsoft Outlook. At the time after evaluating a list of them I selected Sharpreader. It remains my primary newsreader some months later. So why did I install NewsGator today?

I realised I had a new option. Sharpreader is currently handling some 180 feeds. I don’t always read them all. I’ve been adding more and more categories (folders), however the most useful emerging functionality for me is the link to Feedster searches. For example “Skype” or “Social Software“. Each of these generate an RSS feed via Feedster. See also Scott Johnson’s blog. Naturally everyone should have their own equivalent”Stuart Henshall” Feedster search. If you haven’t done this for yourself you should. Plus it would be pretty interesting to have an option in Sharpreader that would toggle between the subscribed RSS feed and a Feedster search. I’d immediately see what others were writing about all those blogger I subscribe to.

Concurrently for some weeks I’ve been wanting an e-mail posting facility for my MT blogs. Each time I looked the instructions were either complex or it looked like more work than I was prepared to do. That’s until I saw how easy it has been implemented into TypePad.

Why do I want it:

  • For simple ‘cc’s” equivalent to a private blog
  • For quick reposting of e-mail newsletters or similar.
  • Posting direct to blog using the “word editor” in Outlook.
  • For posting from mobile devices, etc.

    So I downloaded NewsGator again, installed the MTPlugin for it and now can post direct from MS Outlook to the selected blog. It’s not perfect. Unlike wBloggar it doesn’t connect directly to categories. Also all posts are “published” immediately. While it isn’t a post to e-mail I can at least post with one click from Outlook. I’ve also used it to subscribe to those neat “feedster” search topic feeds. Concentrated topics! Thus no more worries about all those subscriptions bulking up my Outlook. Just the newsy topics I care about.

    So in 14 days… Greg may get his $29 unless someone suggests a better solution or an easy way for me to do this. Where is MT Pro? Why can’t I just buy the MT / TypePad solution? It is closer to what I really want. In the meantime there is always cutting and pasting.

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