Blogging Under Corporate Umbrella’s

November 7, 2003

in Blogging

I got picked up by Brian Sullivan-+ in Roberts comments for “So why did Microsoft hire such a well-known blogger in Robert? Many reasons I’m sure.”

Certainly no dis-service meant. People are hired on merit. Robert’s blog confirmed by the comments is one of the best examples of the “tension” that exists for the well-know corporate blogger. There’s also a way that smart companies could deal with it. I still like the fact that there is a Scoble blog. However, what other strategies does Microsoft or any company have when it employees go blogging. How does the corporate strike a bargain with the employee? Is there a set of unwritten understandings? Perhaps it would be better to agree there is a policy and publish it. I’m sure this must have been talked about before.

It may be worth exploring a “logo” style program. Eg “Microsoft Blogger”
which remains legitimate as long as one is employed. Later their might be Microsoft Alumni etc. A simple little database keeps these “association tags” up to date.

Confirms that the bloggers is employed by the company. Other companies could use the same facility for example for employees making claims on Ryze. There is precedent for this. One only has to look at eBay and for example SquareTrade.

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