Another Indicator of Disruptive VoIP

November 9, 2003

in VoIP

It’s amazing that the old telcoms industry is still functioning. I’m not in a position to judge this new release from Stealth Technologies. However add this capability to Skype, add easy conferencing and companies like WebEx will be in trouble too.

<Light Reading – Networking the Telecom Industry

Any of these options is expensive. Using the Voice Peering Fabric, providers can connect to the peering point that Stealth has built for a fee of $500 per month for each 100-Mbit/s connection.

This makes it much simpler and easier for these next-generation companies that will compete against the incumbents to connect to each others networks, says Frank Dzubeck, president of Communications Network Architects, a telecom consultancy. This really going to accelerate the entire voice-over-IP issue, because its eliminating some of the costs associated with offering VOIP services.

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