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November 9, 2003

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This Skype complaint is one worth looking at a little more seriously. For I still believe that adding a SkypeMe function to Feedster would promote some interesting conversations. The SkypeMe button on my site has certainly worked positively for me. However, I think it is the unintended consequeces of linking Skype to RSS feeds and their resulting searches that will create the real value.

Need a for example. Bet people start AOL blogs and then send out anonymous SkypeMe personals ads via RSS. You keep the blog and the handle only for that purpose. When Skype enables multiple profiles (lines) some will run more than one blog at once.

Now if you were AOL you might just put an add in every feed to pay for the blog. Similarly once you find the “anonymized” blog entry… the SkypeMe handle will enable you to search all their postings.

Debating Turning Off Skype — Permanently

I just had the oddest Skype experience. Someone called me. They seemed to know who I was (at least my last name). They accused me of not talking clearly…………… I just exited — and may never run the damn thing again.

The reason for asking about this is that I’ve been debating adding a Feedster feature to find Skype IDs and now I’m not sure if its worth the bother. What’s the perception of Skype out there? Yes they have > 1,000,000 downloads **but** I’ve only ever completed maybe 3 conversations successfully. And those three were right when it launched and the load was presumably lighter.

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