Dinner at LuLu’s

November 12, 2003

in General Interest

I walked in to a crowd at LuLu’s last night and had a real good time. Wasn’t hard —See the list of wonderful people. Was great to catch up with Joi, Phil Wolff, Scott Mace, Florian Brody, Doc Searls, Howard and Judy Rhinegold, Marc Canter, Mark Pincus, Danah Boyd, Dave Sifry, Brit Blaser, Kevin Marks, Daniel James (PuzzleParrots), Timothy Childs (chocolates!), Brad and many many more.

Many thanks to Jacob and Joi for putting it together. Left with many new thoughts and insights. Plus some nice things to follow-up on. Blogging the detail… —- here’s some links! Thanks guys!

Had a fun dinner and drinks list night. Thanks for organizing everything Jacob. Jay has some pictures posted. [Joi Ito’s Web]

I believe Im the first to blog the party – as I live closest to the resturant where we just redefined the art of blog parties. Youll be hearing about this party – as just about everyone was there. Joi, Doc, Howard, Kim Polese, danah boyd, Dave Sifry,.. [Marc]

Jay Feinberg reports….. Joi Ito dinner bash. I hope to say more tomorrow, but I went to the Joi Ito dinner in San Francsico tonight, and it was quite a bash. I have some pictures here! [the iCite net development blog] Heres Doc with Eric Sigler -... [Marc Again]

Amazing chocolates served last night at the Joi party in SF. [Get Caberet Chocolates]

Doug Kaye: Tonight was my first Dinner with Joi, and what fun it was. I understand that when Jois in town (wherever that may be) its often an event. I had the pleasure of sitting opposite Robert Berger and David Dolnick, and next to Britt Blaser. Doc [Jeff]

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