Number Portability

November 12, 2003

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Looking forward to a little change in perspective? When will the telecoms give us what we want. Carl Ford writes:

The Carl Ford Blog: Local Number Portability

For me, my cell phone and my home phone represent very different parts of my life. And the idea that I should combine them means that I will lose the selective call processing capability I gave myself with the cell phone.

Don’t know me and want to reach me? Here is my home number.

I want to reach you anytime, I call from the cell.
I expect that about 20% of the landlines will get this kind of migration. I also believe they can get about 5% back in a few years.

Meanwhile you can still reach me on IM.

The issue here is not the phone number but managing degrees of access. What it demonstrates is we now want at least three lines each. We’re used to a shared home line, we like the personal mobile line, and also have various IM accounts with different profiles. Managing this access is just a nightmare. Similarly managing various devices can be a nightmare.

In “early days” of Skype I posted on this. Numbers may still be required to connect certain services. However what’s really required are relationships, introductions, mediated exchanges, conferencing capabilities. See this too on profiles.

On the 20% migration claim… I’l like to enable my cell phone to handle a second line that is shared with my family. I can toggle it off /on at various times of day. When everyones phone rings in the house we know what type of call it is. Voice messages there are for all etc. Then the phones really will become wearable.

That’s what still excites me about the Skype type potential. Enabling me to manage access, profiles and multiple lines. At the moment my buddy list continues to grow. I want’ to run my own exchange. Guess the phone companies aren’t going to encourage me.

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