RSS and Employment

November 17, 2003

in Knowledge Innovation

Here’s a wonderful illustration from Phil Wolff of how RSS will change the job market. Look up RSSJobs. It’s another example on top of Feedster search and subscribe functionalities that demonstrates how RSS applications are being leveraged. If you dig a little deeper you find the same emerging in the other likely places. eBay RSS feeds anyone?

I’ve been following two things very closely for many years: content syndication and labor markets. Last week RSSJobs was announced, bringing the two together. Here’s my interview with Steve Rose who built RSSJobs. a klog apart

In a similar vein…. a recent solution for eBay. How well do they work? That may need some trial and error. They are one step closer to a personal newspaper. Be nice to have a drag and drop functionality connecting my RSS feeder to a news sheet? Then I’d have have the option for various timed sessions. Set it as my home page. Might even generate some interesting sections. Feed owners may even help me with the listings.

A few days ago, I completed the development of an eBay2RSS Generator tool. ….. Which made me think about all the sites web surfers visit repeatedly everyday to check on news updates, item status, prices, new announcements, press releases, tracking numbers, flight status, and so on. Then I thought if we can (Syndicate) such information, by converting it to RSS feeds, that will save web surfers a sizable amount of time.
RSS.TechBlogger {tb – eBay RSS Feeds

It’s also possible to find RSS feed links at the bottom of Craigslist search pages. See this example and the corresponding RSS feed. Only problem is when you want a more discrete search there is no RSS feed.

While I’m about it. I’ve been creating all these wonderful Google News Searches. They all pour into my e-mail. Don’t always read them all. Still why can’t I get them as RSS feeds? Seems some have done it. However I think Google terms state that scraping their site is illegal.

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