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November 21, 2003

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Great post from Terry and picked up by Matt on “The ISP Nanny State”. Interesting insights on the implications of P2P, music sharing and unscrupulous operators. We should get what we pay for. IE Bandwidth. Since trialing all these VoIP services I’ve also become a lot more interested in whether poor quality is my PC ( is the latest), the cable modem at my end, or the connection with the other person and their equipement. Voice really does make it very apparent. If programs like Skype continue growing will the outcrys become louder? Concurrently, I feel somewhat powerless as Comcast continues escalating prices. However, I’ve started trying out those speed sites. Perhaps what I need is a full time monitor on my desktop?

The ISP Nanny State.
I’ve become interested in the wireless ISP business, partly because I’m
tired of the “half-fast” Internet served up by the telcos and cablecos,
and partly because the cost/quality ratio of radios has improved to the
point that it’s plausible to consider establishing a wireless ISP
business in some of the growing, but under connected, areas where I
live. So I started prowling several industry web sites and mail lists
to get a feel for the landscape.


Read the rest. Matt adds more including:

I also agree that ISP’s should have no business messing about with what
I can or cannot do with the bandwidth I have.  I totally agree
that this no servers business is a load of old crap
If it’s because they are afraid of bandwidth use – deal with that
problem!  If it’s because they think it will undercut their over
priced business packages – get a clue!  But don’t try and tell me
what I can do with bandwidth I’ve paid for.  It’s none of your

[Curiouser and curiouser!]

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