Imperfect Writing

November 25, 2003

in Blogging

Building a list of references last night I randomly came across this gem. My writing is often imperfect although sometimes serious. The context of time is important. So is the flow. At least I can be satisfied I am consistently imperfect.

But writing imperfectly will let future investigators know that these writings shouldn’t be taken as fully formulated expressions of deeply held beliefs. The Net’s great transformative power comes from its ability to connect us, but that power is thwarted if our every expression is–or even seems to be–fully formed. We need to see one another’s inchoate ideas, the ideas that will turn out to be embarrassingly wrong. Writing them in the perfect prose of the journal article gives them a seriousness they don’t deserve, like serving wieners on a silver platter. The informality conveyed by imperfect writing gives us the right metadata . . . and also frees the writer to be wrong in useful ways. Magazine Archives

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