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December 1, 2003

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I’m participating in my first Metalayer online conference this week Dec 1-5. The platform shows lots of promise for this type of application. The topic is Knowledge Managment in Pharma R&D. I’ll be speaking on blogs and social networks. Barry Hardy has also launched his new blog “The Ferryman” concurrently with the launch. I hope his posts become a river!

Starting 1st December 2003
Knowledge Management (KM) in Pharma R&D is an international conference to be held on the Internet which brings together researchers to discuss the applications of Knowledge Management methods to Pharma R&D. The program covers:

* analysing investment issues in KM projects in the pharmaceutical industry, new ROI measures analysed including EVA,
* remote team management and co-ordination
* social sciences: how do you understand how people behave? How do you change or react most effectively to that behaviour?
* understanding management and how implementation of KM can practically enhance productivity
* community management and monitoring
* intelligent search agents and expertise location
* establishing and supporting networks of scientists
* enabling effective clinical feedback to early-stage R&D teams
* intellectual capital approaches and business agility
* use of electronic notebooks and management of R&D data
* enhancing communication via blogging and augmented social networks

In addition to talks from BMS, Pfizer, Aventis, UNIC, 3rd Millennium, Rescentris, CambridgeSoft, Partners HealthCare and Leif Edvinsson, we will be interactively exploring blogging and wikis with Stuart Henshall, conducting a workshop on investment analysis with Kevin Cookman and trying out new social software including metalayer’s collaboration tools.
[The Ferryman]

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