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December 8, 2003

in Knowledge Innovation

My thanks to Barry Hardy for adding to an interesting Blogging discussion. If you have not seen his blog The Ferryman yet — check it out. Barry is full-on over two weeks creating a new pulpit for KM in Pharma R&D. I’ll be watching to gain more online conference learnings

Blogs to augmented social software is best thought about by combining two metaphors. Jazz and the jukebox….combine a weblog and RSS feeds and you get more than just the capability to publish frequent updates to a website and similarly aggregate information from other sites. While building context over time you instantly become part of a web of data exchange, one connecting many people who are cross-linking and sharing information. …It’s also important to recognize that a good jazz community isn’t only comprised of musicians…..

Such a Jazz community requires the “innovation Spices” I discussed earlier in the week with Leif Edvinsson. Are blogging tools one of the important Spices to enable a successful community to actually engage in conversation, to really make an online Knowledge Cafe work, to empower the Knowledge Cultivators inside and outside the firm? It appears they hold promise, but will require adaptation for the business world.

We were joined by Markus Heggi, CEO metalayer, for an interesting discussion that stretched our conversation into the business application of blogging. metalayer itself has many aspects already of a collaborative blogging environment or wiki, in that community and working group members may dynamically and continuously publish to each other within the ongoing context of shared posts, documents and online meetings.

Together we discussed developments in blogging from the business perspective. I asked how could blogging be adapted to a corporate culture that follows the “need to know” principle. And if we introduce moderation and access levels how is the blogging phenomena affected? How does such a resulting blogosphere turn out and how will companies embrace it?

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