Zero Degrees – Social Networking

December 11, 2003

in Social Software

Zero Degrees broadens their beta launch. Some interesting aspects versus Linked-in, Spoke, etc. This social – business networking space is getting rather crowded. I’m yet to see any real utility from it. Concurrently it would be nice if Outlook didn’t make such a mess of our address books. Integration is required! Individuals certainly won’t pay for all of these competing services. Zero Degrees suggests that the cost will be $10 per month. How original is that?

Unlike some competing systems that are controlled by a supervisor or at the enterprise level, ZDI has put the user in complete control of his or her network development activities, regardless of the size of their network. A user can choose to include any subset of their network — or simply their own contact information — and share it only with their closest friends and associates for mutual exploration of common interests. In all cases, the user is in the driver’s seat and is involved in every referral via an automated “accept/decline” option on the requests for introduction.

ZeroDegrees also provides subscribers with the ability to participate in the service, but still remain unknown or confidential to other subscribers who are connected to them. In addition, no email content is ever accessed or stored, differentiating it from other enterprise-level social networking systems. ZeroDegrees’ privacy policy is such that user data will never be mined or used for commercial purposes without the user’s explicit permission.

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