Good Interviews: The Future of Web Conferencing

December 15, 2003

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Robin Good is an important connection that I’ve made tracing orginally to postings on Skype. Combine with blogging, and a general curiosity between two parties and the layers get peeled away. So I was delighted to respond to his interview questions. I knew they would stimulate my thinking and when open minded often lead in directions I perhaps didn’t expect.

So I really appreciated Robin’s comments and introduction to “The Future of Web Conferencing“. I’d be uncomfortable dwelling on the interview here, I simply appreciate the opportunity to share for this part of blogging opens up new dialogues, finds new voices, and lends new ears. For those that have read the interview it may capture me in a way that I don’t often talk or write to in my blog — despite knowing the result would be blogged. I liked the conversation that ensued. I’ve seen little on the “blog” interview genre particularly when applied to other bloggers. As such an interview has the potential to put a number of blogs in play and may be worth further thought. So one lesson for me is to consider interviews as a blogging strategy in the new year.

Robin’s questions also had me thinking more:

  • The first was around running a second monitor as a “communicator screen”. The gains to be made from this strategy are not only tangible in easing desktop workflow and notifications. There’s also a set of intangibles that reflect the “desktop statement”. Give managers a simple story to share and the dual screen works as effective method to introduce new work practices and programs. It provides more than a talking point enabling the introduction of “new” features without taking up current desktop space.
  • Second was beginning to consider the impact on costing practices of advanced knowledge solutions emerging at very low cost. Costing for IT projects that has been corporate centric will be assigned to the individual level. For the vendor that is a different sale. “Full Augmented Network” costing practices will be required.

    One thing I’m still looking for is a web conferencing solution with VoIP that works cross-platforms (ie Mac and Windows) has zero latency globally, enables 4-5 in an unmoderated discussion and can be learned in 15 seconds. It should be free or low cost…. etc.

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