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December 19, 2003

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I’m taking a blogging break from now until the new year. Actually (like the addict) it is more of a posting break. Rather than feel any need to look at the newsreader, spend time visiting other blogs, I’m just going to use the time for reflection and on what already exists. I figure it may make me a better blogger in the new year. Plus I need a little time off. I’ll catch up again in 2004.

As I started blogging late in 2002, it is a perfect point for me to take a look back and a look forward. I’ve played around with layouts, categories and various MT plug-ins during that time. I started blogging more as personal creative therapy than with a clear mission in mind. I believed the blog would evolve, that it would become my gyroscope. However I’m personally way past that point. Blogging re-energized me on a number of fronts. It’s also created its own set of unexpected wonderful benefits.

I’m really thankful for the introductions, the new friends, colleagues and connections I’ve met. Today, this community of bloggers some close – some far away is a group I trust and respect more and more each day. I haven’t met them all face to face, although I’ve met many. We certainly haven’t all worked out yet how to earn together and for many that is not the mission. Somewhere within blogging and the emergent communications media lies the future of the consulting services businesses. I’m convinced the skills and practices learned here means “blogging” will open more doors for everyone in 2004.

There are some things I wished I’d posted this year. There are others that are drafts that still remain dormant. In some cases those are the ones I should have just dumped out there. They are dormant and moribund because I thought they deserved something more. I’m not sure. Instead I’ve found that sometime it is the strangest posts that get the attention. Blogging needs a Ready, Fire, Aim approach in this regard. Sometimes just write and post and it is easy.

Then there is that feeling like the builder who’s own house is never built or the accountant who’s finances never seem to get the same attention as the clients. There is the plumbing, the layout, the mechanics, many things that I can do – in fact must do to make this a better blog. Then there is that fact that for most it is just in a newsreader. A balancing act for some serious thinking on my blog strategy for next year.

Some questions I have for myself.

  • What kind of blogger are you?
  • Thinking about the blog and the adjectives that others would use to describe it, what five words come to mind? …………. What would you like them to be?
  • Imagine for a moment that you have access to a clairvoyant who can see the future of your blogging exploits. What three questions would you want to ask the clairvoyant?
  • Now please answer your questions, telling me the story of your blogging exploits over the next few years.
  • What is your greatest blogging fear?
  • What do you think is impossible to do today with your blogging that would change everything about the way you blog?
  • What is it about blogging that keeps you awake at night?
  • When your blogging days are done, what words will you find on your blogging epitaph?

    Now answer the questions! I’ll take your comments too! That’s the sort of thing I might just respond to.

    Finally a very Happy Holidays! Best wishes for peace and happiness where ever you are.

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