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January 12, 2004

in Spam

It is a shame to start a year complaining about comment spam. At least the numerical count was down today. I’ve really been hit in the last few days at a time when a couple of projects have compressed time and left me short on participation in many areas including blogging. While I feel like I am MIA these attacks are a complete time waste.

When comment spammers escalates into an arms race that the individual must respond to and manage too much value and goodwill is being destroyed. It’s not just time, it is also my perspective. There are really XXXXXX people out there. It simply sucks that it is a priority to further arm this blog with additional counter measures.

From my vantage point almost every blogger on MT has this problem or exposure. Comment spam is beginning to leave a slightly bitter taste for an otherwise great MT experience. It also provides a cautionary note for any new bloggers and how comments should be activated. Real-time comments are important to many blogs. Filtering comments kills the immediacy and capability to extend dialogue. Locking comments after a period of time may help and yet freezes entries at a point in time and eliminates important later additions or references. Separately, I’m yet to see much comment spam deposited as a result of a RSS feed update. Although I expect that strategy will come.

Removing spam destroys blogging if “blogging providers” don’t engineer more effective solutions into their products. Fixing comment spam forever is unfortunately not what I do. It’s something SixApart needs to fix! Having not read my newsreader in detail in days I could learn that it has already been fixed.

Tomorrow I’ll return to composing for the art of blogging rather than the laments of being a blogger in a spam filled sick world.

Now how long until this post is spammed?

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