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January 20, 2004

in Spam

I spent two hours today on additional spam countermeasures. It’s has become almost intolerable. I quickly caught the Many to Many comments last week. I’m not prepared to give up on comments and I stand by my earlier spam comments that this is an MovableType problem and they must fix it.

So when I looked up today I learned of MT’s 2.661 upgrade complete with Comment Throttling. I downloaded and installed it. I learned of via Jacques Distler
Musings: Comment Throttle here and then followed it to Phil Ringnalda, both who have been fine-tuning the comment throttle. After a quick study of the hacks i just set them aside for now. Maybe later or perhaps MT will just add them in.

I felt I’d had a good run with James Sengs Security-Code plugin, however the spammers got around my implementation. The install instructions are now improved. So I reinstalled it. Having read all the comments and accolades again I then downloaded his Bayesian Filter solution. It installed easily and what a bonus that move was. This appears the most undersold plug-in on the Internet for an MT blogger with a blog full of spam. Getting rid of the 100 plus weekend comment spams was going to be a problem. I’d been putting it off. James solution allows them to be deleted as a group rather than 1 by 1. Simply added to the pleasure of the clean-up task.

I’d like to think I’m again finished with comment spam for awhile. However I’m probably not. Legitimate commenters are always welcome. If you have problems leaving comments please let me know. Thanks.

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