Roomba Reflections.

January 26, 2004

in Accelerating Innovation

A trackback on Roomba from Mike Whybark hit my blog today. I found the additional Roomba links great fun. From hacks to poetry. If you are into Roomba you will enjoy these links. If you are iRobot then start considering blogs and blogging. When I blogged Roomba I was hoping to learn a little more. This post is a linking gem!

OK/Cancel: I, Robot, You Jane, via Blackbelt Jones. Roomba Review, community site for Roomba. Looks just launched. Astroturf? Those are some good prices. Genius art-guy Gary Panter on Roomba. A bar. Takeapart walkthrough at Jake’s World (which has some other cool stuff, looks like). Macly! Roomba Community: Zoomba. Hacks. Uh-oh. Yeah, this looks like the place. Roomba Diagnostic Mode. Has… []

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