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March 6, 2004

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Ok this is the second time I’m trying to share with you details about my new phone. Rather than rant because I lost the last post I’ll just try and reconstruct some key points and get on with my life.

I have a new mobility device. I threw away my old provider Verizon and went to T-Mobile last week so I could hook up with a Nokia 3650. The decision was not without pain. So more than one story will emerge from my learnings. There were some specific things I wanted. First and foremost the capability to start photoblogging or moblogging depending on your definition. Nokia Brochure.jpg

I’ve also been postponing this purchase for some time. My old Motorola StarTac was over four years old. So moving to a camera phone was a natural step. I also wanted a bluetooth capability to experiment with (more on that later too) and only later learned that it contained the PDA functions I wantedStarTAC.jpg

Some things about me as a user. I’ve never used texting on the phone. In the US that has been virtually impossible. While I tried the early web browsing experience it sucked and so I’ve not been a subscriber. I’ve been thinking about a new PDA but am postponing until I can secure a WiFi one that I know will work perfectly with Skype or similar program.

The Nokia was completely undersold by T-Mobile (I’ll post notes on the Retailing Experience later.) Now that I’ve played with it I find it takes pretty good photos. They are easy to e-mail and share. That for me is more compelling than I ever expected. My plan now gives me unlimited photo sending. I started with my first photo-darkroom when I was in the sixth grade so I’ve had a long time interest in photography. The Nokia certainly doesn’t provide the darkroom, but it does provide the instant joy of sharing. (I’ve already ordered the upgraded memory card to 68mb). kpic.jpg
I’ve never had a wallet full of pictures before. I soon will. My laptop has many pictures but I seldom open it to share them. This phone allows me to send a picture a day to my family in NZ without even thinking about. It’s done right then when the moment is captured.

There are some weird things like the round keyboard that caused me to pause. I find it works for me already. But really I’ll never use it for dialing calls. All my key numbers are now voice activated and my Outlook contact list is now synched with my PC. It will connect with my e-mail, take calls forwarded from my office phone etc. All in all very impressive. Now I should add that I have invested more than a few hours playing with it and mastering what it will do. I’m not the normal user in this regard.

The downside of this phone. It is larger than I wanted although it fits very comfortably into my large hand. Here’s proof of my hand size and the speed in which it can be inserted. I seldom carry a phone on a belt loop so this shouldn’t be a problem. With a bluetooth headset it will just live in my pack voice activated dialing my calls hand.jpg

If you want a phone and not a mobility device forget this phone get something smaller. If you want to get something at a reasonable price $149 with one year contract via T-Mobile and experiment with where photography, PDA’s and mobility is going without buying a lusted after Sony Erikson P900 or even the more recently announced Nokia’s Communicator then it is a bargain.

The box did not contain a CD-Rom for the Nokia PCSuite which I had to download from Nokia. This was one of the bonuses I discovered after buying the phone. Neither the T-Mobile rep or the materials I generally looked at suggested that this synch process would be possible or easy with my infared equiped laptop. Turns out it is. However I did have to read the manual to learn about it.

Communicating what the future is mobile phones will be doing makes it increasingly apparent that this is a retailing and marketing disaster area. I’m going to make that more clear in future posts. I’d also add that it’s still too hard for most people. I’ve optimised to 85% how I can use this phone in a week. I’m actually ready for the next level. See the lusted after products above. For those that just want a phone. Buy something else!

Oh did I tell you you can shoot a video with it! Well here is the link to the first Nokia 3650 Music Video! Take a look — amazing. Quality is a little rough! Plus there is no reason not to use it for audio blogging as well!

So to conclude this post… I now want a phone camera with at least SVGA quality. I think that may stress out the phone companies. There still seem to be some issues with GPRS and file sizes. What’s interesting is that Kodak really doesn’t get this either. When websharing of pictures becomes so simple and immediate the concept of going to Longs and having your disk printed seems a little silly. Click and e-mail. Holiday pictures the new way.

BTW: Verizon’s faults. They were unable to offer the above functionality in a compatible phone. They are significantly more expensive than the other options and I’ve put up with their sucky service at my home for four years so a two year contract with them was out of the question. I can also check my minutes anytime with T-Mobile. It’s just #min#.

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