Kablog Trial

March 7, 2004

in Mobility



xxxxxxxxxxxxx (summary on these to come)

It is hard to differentiate Kablog from BlogPlanet. KaBlog in my view has a slightly better interface although the documentation and links to the files are worse than bad. Both these programs take over the camera with resulting deterioration in photo quality. Nice if you only want postage stamps. The photo’s above are as big as the quality will allow. Clearly an e-mail to blog solution that enables a higher quality standard is preferred.

BTW… The Symbian download on the Kablog page is faulty. I installed the Java app. I wouldn’t touch this one without someupgrade in details. It appears to have been abandoned.

Both Kablog and BlogPlanet are similar to using a program like wBloggar or MoveablePoster. Russell Beattie wrote both of these up quite some time ago.

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