Dual Screens Better Work Practice

March 11, 2004

in Knowledge Innovation

I’ve been advocating a two-screen world from the day I hooked up a second screen to my laptop. Since then lots of things have gone well. Is that that 15% difference Robert mentions?

One thing they did learn, though: the average human is about 15% more productive if they have two screens to work at.

There’s another angle that needs reinforcing. The dual screen is a statement about change. It is a cue and demonstration that we are working and using new tools. So get the HR or Marketing director to adopts it issue a statement about changing work practices. Interest will go up too.

Anecdotally, the second screen is the “communication center” (IM / email / newreaders etc.) As a result consumer perceptions may be that this new “retail space” ie screen space is not owned by Microsoft. Most of the products I put and use there aren’t. Most are products like Skype, Sharpreader, Trillian, and iTunes.

See also my comments with Robin Good last year.

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