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April 8, 2004

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I got a gold medal today from Feedster for “catch-Up Ball” (see below). Now I want another! Few probably know how much Feedster has changed the way I read blogs. When I started blogging like many I quickly learned about blogrolling and started to add to my blogroll. For awhile I read key blogs by clicking the blogroll off my main blog page. Some of those early blogs remain favorites. However my list expanded and I migrated the majority of my reading to various newsreaders.

I became hooked on Sharpreader (I also have Newsgator) for the majority of my feeds, now near 200. Sharpreader provided my introduction to Feedster. Sharpreader’s search function links to Feedster and so any search results can immediately become a RSS subscription. I’ve reported my use of “Skype” and “Social Software” Feedster searches before.

Now I have almost 20 feedster searches, and a similar number of Google searches. Some are as vain as my own name — who’s blogging me??? and then then the names of my favorite bloggers. A favorite name ususally picks up their posts and others that are blogging them. This is more valuable than the bloggers RSS feed alone. It’s fodder for conversation, and increases my understanding of links without having to spend time studying Technorati or BlogStreet etc.

So my Feedster catch of the day came in for the topic “Nokia 3560“. Not my normal reading from a blog I would normally never see. The result…. Feedster highlighted for me a little Symbian application that means my Bluetooth cellphone now acts as a music remote for my laptop. This is the post. The program is Bemused It installed and worked first time. I’ve found two or three tips a week for the last month for using my smart phone in ways that are at time unexpected with this search. I’ve found other product type searchs to be equally useful.

If you find yourself playing catch-up ball on some topic–maybe because you took a vacation, maybe because you just discovered an interest–just start with a Feedster search on your topic of interest. Then fine-tune the results to get more focused information. Some examples:

Search for: skype [RSS feed for search term]

Based on your first results, search for a hot subtopic: pocketskype [RSS feed for search term]

Check out results that matter most to you: Go to Feedster’s advanced search form, give your search term (skype). You can search just one blog by giving its RSS feed–or search just your blogroll if it’s in an OPML file. (For many blogs, we have more than a year’s worth of posts in our database.)

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