Perfect Pitch Competition

April 20, 2004

in Conversational Blogging

The perfect pitch. I was away in Mexico when this Perfect Pitch number was cooked up. I thought it was a great idea and came back to find so many bloggers I know on the judging panel. In fact there were so many judges that I can only begin to imagine how hard it might be to judge this competition. So time to have a little fun. May as well toss out my two cents into the blogosphere while they are deliberating so to speak. Judith my apologies for not submitting an entry. I was a little busy last week.

The criteria was:

A business executive, with whom you have been trying to arrange a meeting, is available for a condensed pitch from you on a one minute elevator ride. It is your goal to convince this attentive business leader who has heard about weblogs, and in fact reads a few regularly to sponsor and resource a critical mass of weblogs in his/her organization so that their benefits can be demonstrated in a meaningful way.

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