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May 1, 2004

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Jenny Daley launched the new look Cheskin blog complete with a photoblog this week. It’s been a fun project and you can see today how the Cheskin personality and style is emerging in their public blogging. I can’t think of many companies that are sharing their stories and integrating their blogs quite like this. This may be an illustration of where writing together creates something much larger.

Two elements really stand out 1) authors visibility (easy navigation), and 2) a moblog in parallel. Within the cleanly styled company corporate blog there are also individual authors. Each author also has a subscription feed. It’s all done using MT. The Topics (categories) are also clearly labeled.

Over the last couple of months particpation has increased with each new author sharing their stories. This is more than an insight into Cheskin culture, it demonstrates their daily work ethic, passion for what they are doing and how they approach it. It’s clear their business is about stories and insights and Cheskin is seeing new ones everyday. Were I looking for services this blog tells me much more than the main website. It’s more personal, and more involving. It’s also up to date and current.

There is an old saying “many hands make light work” and after not blogging for a week I could do with some hands. Cheskin solves this by handing out the work and creating something more powerful as a result. Some organizations wouldn’t have the trust for this. My belief is extend the trust and not only do you get many hands you get a better product.

These clips from some recent posts.

From Fresh Perspectives:

Soundtrack of Life
I’ve just purchased Dell’s Digital Jukebox, and I’m a happy camper. Right now I’m sitting on a long plane flight listening to Cassandra Wilson, who has taken me to an alternative reality that I much prefer to the drudgery of a cross country flight
Lee Shupp

Toxic Missionaries
On my way to work this morning, I encountered three men handing out flyers. As I approached them, they stuck their mechanical arms out in front of me hoping to block my passage and be heard. They came within inches of my mid-section and then retracted at the last second
Lisa Leckie

Social Networking Buzz
Every so often, people in the valley start to talk about a new buzzword. Lately, social networking has been the buzzword. The growth and prevalence of social networking sites, such as Friendster and Linkedin, Orkut, and Tribe is generating serious curiosity from many folks in the business community. But are we all talking about the same things? And where does the newness lay?
Maria Flores Letelier

Teen Tastes
I have two daughters born in April (15 years and 3 days apart from each other). Each year, as their birthdays arrive, I begin a frantic search for whatever is new and hip for their age group. With my oldest daughter, I’ve pretty much given up. She gets money or something she’s picked out herself. But the little one is still easy. Want to know what’s near and dear to the hearts of pre-teen girls right this second?
Christopher Ireland

Concurrenly Cheskin are moblogging in parallel. I’ve made my enthusiasm for moblogging known in earlier posts and wonderful to see this being taken on. Dina and I recently set up a Project blog for an ethnography project. It just began to demonstrate the value that blogs and moblogs have to the research process. I’m hoping that the infectious success of blogging externally for Cheskin now creates some great new opportunities to revolutionize projects studying life.

There are some other blogs in the Experience Design space that I look at from time to time. Challis Hodge is one of the best. Similarly Andrew Zoli’s blog while infrequent captures interesting insights. Josh Rubin similarly provides a cool blog which really leverages pictures.

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