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May 13, 2004

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NILV.jpg I spent a few hours at Networld Interop in Las Vegas over the last couple of days. I’m only going to report on two items after noting that this show will be at a smaller venue next year. I was also taking a look for future “stand” reference points and filled a couple of pages with what was good and bad. I saw too many “cloud diagrams” they all look the same, found few had a short elevator pitch and the presentations for the most part required free t-shirts to keep people interested.

As I said two things caught my interest. First for collaborative sharing Advanced Reality and second for some big company thinking Siemens Openscape product provides at least a reference for where “some” industry thinking is.

Brian Hoogendam President of Advanced Reality introduced me to their products. So far demo’s are available for Excel and Powerpoint although according to Brian the same sharing technology can be applied to other applications using a simple plug-in creation formula. On Excel and Powerpoint it was pretty neat . I’m not quite sure why there were at this show. This screen sharing app enabled multiple parties to update concurrently.

The blurb from their website:

Presence-AR is the first real-time, peer-to-peer system and enablement platform for adding synchronous collaboration capabilities to existing and new software applications. Presence-AR uses a patent-pending data-centric architecture to provide a full range of collaborative features, and to eliminate the need to modify applications. Presence-AR is the only collaboration platform with support for fail-over and persistence that allows a session to continue uninterrupted when a host signs-off, or is inadvertently disconnected. This enables participants to join and leave a session at will, and supports both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration. By providing collaboration on the data layer, Presence-AR:

  • Allows users to collaborate on the same data using different applications
  • Dynamically adapts views of the same data for the capabilities of any access device including PCs, handhelds, and mobile phones
  • Enables collaboration across firewalls, LANs, and dial-up connections
  • Provides secure collaboration through support of encryption, authentication, and access control systems

    Advanced Reality – Products and Solutions

  • Separately take a look at Siemens OpenScape. I gather it is being used within Siemens currently. It does have a tie-in to WebEx to aid and facilitate conferences and similarly will connect to MS Messenger.

    Siemens describes OpenScape as a multimodal communications application that provides presence-aware, real-time communications to quickly and easily synchronize people and information to facilitate action.

    So what was notable? Looking at the laptop screens… It had a dialer, a more detailed “my contacts” (presence re phone, messaging and e-mail) and a list of conferences. Some of the conferences were effectively persistent. In many ways the interface for Convoc’s Meeting ASAP provides similar details although more efficiently. On the Siemen’s page link above scrolling down does provide a few white papers. They may provide some resouces and facts for the payback that can be achieved from “presence”.

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