Dial with Skype

May 19, 2004

in Skype Journal

Skype is working with two carriers to enable dialing into the PSTN. It will be interesting to see the rate card when released.

The basic Skype service will remain free for Internet phone calls.

Zennstrom revealed agreements with two telecommunications carriers that by summer will allow Skype calls to be made to standard phones anywhere in the United States…..Zennstrom would not name his telecommunications partners in advance of an official announcement. Mercury News | 05/19/2004 |

a paid version called Skype Plus that will collect voice mail and allow people to call it from regular telephones.

That will be accompanied by another paid version, called SkypeOut, that will allow Skype computers to call regular phones and will be compatible with regular cordless and headset telephones. MLive.com

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