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May 19, 2004

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From the notes at VON Canada a debate I too would like to see.

I would personally like to see a public debate on SIP versus Skype with myself and Niklas on the panel and put the theories in front of the people. If nothing else it might educate a few people.

via Boris Mann through Feedster.

…we’ve already travelled down the road of incompatible networks in the IM world, why would we want to do the same thing with Skype? B. Mann

A nice summary of day one learnings by Buzzcrash.

1. Convergence is back. And this time it’s not going away. Thanks to penetration of broadband internet, convergence of voice, data, e-mail, text messaging, video, etc. on all kinds of IP devices (from computers to ‘soft-phones’) is taking off. Consumers are benefitting from more, bundled services and lower prices.
2. As a result, traditional ‘telco’ provider market is becoming almost unrecognizeable. Obvious new providers/competitors are cable companies with a broad range of IP services including voice, and new VoIP entrants like US-based Vonage.
3. Canadian telcos understand the game is changing and have done a better job than their US counterparts staking their claims. However, they’re terrifed that regulators won’t recognize the game change and will subject Telcos to regulation that will tip the playing field in favour of the cable companies and new entrants.
4. Government for their part, say they recognize the game has changed, want to encourage innovation, and recognize that the playing field must be level. However the CRTC has sent some signals that have the Telcos unnerved.
5. Analysts predicting that ‘bundling will become the defacto pricing model’, because voice telephony now clearly a commodity. Also, that innnovation will be the key to avoiding commoditization which isn’t really a break through idea.
6. Everyone anticipating new business models arising arising from shift to IP based communications but not really obvious yet what those will be.
7. VC’s cautioning not to mistake the technology for the opportunity and reinforcing desire for innovation and paradigm shifting business models. Some things never change.

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