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June 8, 2004

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“It is said that the present is pregnant with the future.” ~ Voltaire Or similarly…. “the future is all around us we just don’t know it yet!” — a line delivered by many. If you read my last post you know I’m actively pursuing my future and it is all around me. One task I wanted to take care of before sending friends and colleagues to my second blog, and new company affiliation was to have something to send you to. It’s a little selfish I know. Keep people in the dark, don’t blog for a few weeks and then pour out the details. Then part of my job is to create traffic and interest in DiamondWare. So forgive me for being self-serving. You can help me. Come and visit, subscribe to our syndicated blog.

This post aims to do a couple of things. Help kick off a new corporate blog and achieve some visibility with enough intrigue for what you may find there. DiamondWare’s roots are high performance audio software. The DiamondWare story is here. We are moving from developing the engine (audio media stack) to building the vehicles / applications for next generation communication. The website is a work in progress. For me this is a first iteration. Release and update may present the best way to get feedback and accelerate message development. So blog friends are beta readers for a current marketing department of one. So, now you know and I’ll be very receptive to new ideas and honest input. I hope that over time a successful blogging component will outweigh all the static pages created to date. If I’m working towards real-time communication then a blog componet is a key to the way forward.

Why DiamondWare?
Beyond the great group of people are core elements for the next generation of VoIP solutions. That was key to attracting me to join the team. Plus the desire to create new answers and leap forward with an “always-on mobile presence communicator”. For me this opportunity emerges at the intersection of where new audio processing capabilities, VoIP networks and collboration tools converge. This Online Presence Spiral also includes solutions for social networking, privacy, security and digital identity.

While this diagram may look static imagine it spinning like a turbine creating an always-on environment that emerges as a conversation accelerator.

First, leveraging communications is driven by presence that nurtures events. That happens at the front line so to speak on your desktop, with your handset. Presence becomes really interesting when combined with mobility.

Second, the communications velocity is enhanced when we become better listeners. Telephony today is not for listening it’s for telling, contacting, reporting etc. Few calls are made just to listen. Listening is a learning characteristic. The traditional telephone is somewhat restrictive in this regard. It’s been hard to do multi-party conference calls. While compared with IM many complain that the telephone is invasive

Leaders facilitate conversations. We will only spiral the velocity and flow of conversations if we find ways to make encounters more appealing and integrate with the ways that people want to use them. Lets say that the online conversation broker needs an upgrade.

“Online Presence Spiral Generator”

The Always-on Presence Communicator

In the organization it’s often the water cooler conversation that is instrumental, or the unexpected connection that create new value. Just one reason open plan offices are effective. Put every one in virtual offices and we need a communication system that more closely mimics the open plan. So far that has been difficult. In fact, asynchonous is a frequent label for online collaboration. By contrast creating more transparency by running multiple conversations concurrently is similar to what many kids (and some of us) do with IM. It’s just not integrated with voice. An illustration of what I’m talking about would be a multi-channel Audio IRC. A multi-modal intercom on steroids.

It seems a lot to ask. I’m sure many will look at the preceeding paragraphs and say I don’t want to work in a world like that. However there are some that already do. Traders run multi-lines. Call centers need the capability to bridge and share calls quickly. There’s are more thoughts on always-on conferencing here. There we said “A communications format is required that enables enhanced listening and positioning of voices while engaged in the call.” Which brings me back to intercoms and audio processing capabilities. Only DiamondWare is in the field with a 3D Hi-Fidelity VoIP solution. This enables the positioning and the mulit-level listening along with other capabilities.

So in a nutshell technology is enabling an online presence spiral and I am now directly involved in next generation communication solutions. These are brief reasons for my excitement. From the DiamondWare site:

1. Sound Quality: Hear an audible difference as telephony moves to higher quality audio. There will be a clear perception and audible improvement over the sound of traditional telephones.

2. Spatial Positioning: Since Stereo first introduced the sound stage, we have increasingly brought the surround sound experience into our lives. Telephony has not kept up. Stereo VoIP technology closes the gap between the online conference and the physical meeting room.

3. Presence: Online presence reduces the number of failed connections and repetitive messages, and it improves understanding of availability. Presence is only now becoming multi-modal and being integrated from the desktop into other devices.

4. Communications Centric: IM systems have traditionally been text centric with poor support for voice. Communications-Centric presence platforms are redefining how calls and texting work in tandem as the first step in enhanced collaborative communication.

5. Always-On: As call costs trend to zero, closing a call (hanging up at the end) resulting in termination may no longer make sense. In an open plan office chatter goes on all the time. In an always-on world of telephony, you may participate in multiple concurrent conferences.

6. Push to Talk: Push to talk and intercoms may seem like a very old idea. However sometimes a short voice message is appropriate. Look at a money trader example, or any other fast-moving information environment.

7. Mobility: As devices combine PDA’s, mobile phones, tablet PC’s and Wi-Fi, solutions are enabling new forms of connectivity and decision-making. We are preparing for a day when every mobile device has the capabilities of today’s PBX. Engineering reflects small devices and efficient solutions.

That is all I will tell you right now.

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