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July 1, 2004

in Mobility

Macromedia Flash Lite 1.1 announcement is yet another signal to pay more attention to mobility devices. We are nearing a point where things we are accustomed to finding on a PC can now be adapted to small mobile devices. I wonder what new uses this will be put to?

Last week I mentioned an article on developing Flash applications for Pocket PCs, well you can now bring the similar Flash UI to cell phones as well via Macromedia’s latest development called Flash Lite 1.1.Flash Lite is the Macromedia Flash profile specifically developed for mobile phones. Flash Lite has seen explosive adoption by Japanese consumers and developers alike, and now it is quickly gaining adoption from operators and manufacturers outside of Japan.

This growth is driven by the powerful Flash rendering engine that delivers consistent experiences across operating systems, processors, and screen sizes. It is supported by the strong community of Flash developers around the world. The initial feedback is clear: Flash dramatically accelerates the development of great content and interfaces for mobile phones.
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