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July 24, 2004

in Skype Journal

Last week I pondered a Register article by Andrew Orlowski on Symbian Founder Insights who commented that Skype was a Chimera. I’m still trying to figure out what he meant.

It’s like a magic trick. Skype is not offering a whole product in a mass market. It’s in a small market and it’s a chimera. Skype couldn’t roll out their service to compete with anything, globally. OK, they might be able to, but it would be an awful and probably still couldn’t get it to work everywhere you go. That’s even true for 3G, now!
Symbian founder on mobile past, present and future | The Register

Now I thought I understood the definition but I still went to look it up. This was just one of the definitions.
“A terrible monster, thought to have been wiped out shortly after the Mage Wars. Chimeras are horrible monsters that attack and kill anything that moves, and have the ability to neutralize all elemental magic. Chimeras are the mortal enemy of dragons.” This may be a more correct definition. An organism combining tissues derived from two or more genotypes. .

So after 9 plus months after the beta surfaced is Skype still a Dragon slayer?

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