Where is Blog Innovation Today?

July 27, 2004

in Conversational Blogging

Since returning to my blog and comtemplating where to next I’ve been asking myself a set of questions. These include: What’s happened to Blog Innovation? Are blogs and their formats “mature”? If so why, or if not why not? I’m sure that blog innovation is not moribund and hasn’t stopped. Still I started thinking about this as I considered revising my format today. Last time I just generally experimented however the standardised formats now appear fairly static. For example with all the Typepad blogs are we just seeing the standardization of blogging online like Amazon standarized online retail? Is it fair to accuse Typepad of killing innovation in a category that still needs it? Or should we complement them for enabling the case for standarization in a way that makes it easy and idiot proof for newbies?

What do others think? What are the most innovative new functionalities appearing in blogs today? Then really do the majority of blogger really care? Would changing the blog format too much upset them?

What new blog genre is required if we are to reinvigorate the category? Is it something with additional photo or audio input? Something else? Each of us probably have a few regulars that visit the page (What do they really want?) and those that arrive as a result of Google searches are looking for context may also get some delight from discovering more. For the rest this may be a mute point as an RSS feed is an RSS feed which limits blog art in that format. Concurrently comment spam is killing comments while trackback is still misunderstood.

As I finished this post I was pointed Jeanne Sessum post. I also noticed a new Flickr feature. The Flickr Daily Zeitgeist. Looks interesting and Flickr is still making progress.

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