Skype Free Weekend

July 30, 2004

in Skype Journal

Just earlier today we are talking about statistics. Now we have a confirmation that SkypeOut is overwhelmed. In the meantime Skype Free Calling

As a result of overwhelming demand and unforeseen call traffic to the regular telephone network, we are unfortunately experiencing technical difficulties which impact call completions and quality in the SkypeOut network.

For your troubles and while we resolve these matters, even if you were or are able to successfully complete a SkypeOut call, we will not be charging for any minutes/calls made after today Friday 30 July 2004 10.00 am British summertime [GMT 1h] — until our quality and reliability has improved and another announcement is posted here. Current estimates indicate this to be on Monday 02 August 2004. So while call durations will still show up on your call list and Account Overview pages, we commit to go back and credit all calls made during this time period retroactively once we’ve addressed the telephone network issues.

In the meantime, we sincerely appreciate your patience and support, and will be doing everything we can to ensure the superior level of call quality to which you’ve become accustomed. In addition, Skype to Skype calls will be unaffected during this time.

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