August 16, 2004

in Chat & IM

I’ve just loaded up the Chatango message application that activates this real-time chat box. It certainly shows the way to the future. The Presence indicator “on” or “off” is really too simple and most visitors using it for the first time will be “anon” unless they decide to tell me who they are. Still I like the idea that it is “real-time” rather than the Zonkboard that I’ve had there for too long and which only gets sporadic use. Chatango in contrast to Zonkboard doesn’t leave a message behind. It’s your little exchange with me that then disappears right when the windows are closed. I have no idea what happens if two “anon” visitors are trying to chat at the same time.

Thanks to TeledyN and Joi Ito for the pointer. As a simple Flash application I presume it could be upgraded at some point to include the extra “Flash Communicator” capabities including voice and video although I’m not sure how useful that would be.

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