New Bite in New Toothbrush

August 22, 2004

in Brand Futures

This caught my attention. Why? An example. A toothpaste manufacturer would tell me that toothpaste will be around forever. I’d simply say never bank on forever! Is this toothbrust Crest and Colgates worst fears? Probably not, but worth investigating. What makes it interesting is that this is a platform that Gillette can use for OralB that can’t be used by Crest. We can’t have the Crest SpinBrush upgraded for “creative destruction” of the toothpaste business.


Possibly a little more convergence than we’re looking for these days, Compact-Impact is selling a  titanium oxide toothbrush called the Soladey-3 that uses solar energy to create ions that “clean and sanitize” without the use of toothpaste. We’re gonna have to hassle them for a review model of this one… Via TRFJ Engadget

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