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September 2, 2004

in Social Networks

Of all the summaries of my little attempt at a Manifesto for Social Networking I found this one from Christian Crumlish the most helpful. He took my 1437 words to just a few. I’d clip it further and focus on the mine and hub element now.

  • It’s my Network
    • I own it.
    • Social networks should empower people.
    • I am my own hub.
    • Ease data exchange

    (I’d make amendment to some of these following points now. They were really part of my rationale for the above. The most important aspect of is is what we can and will do with this new connectivity as it emerges. I hope it doesn’t result in spam and does lead to new consumer controlled information markets.)

  • My Blog is Better at Networking
  • Create Markets for Connectivity
  • Adopt user centric models
    Encourage Face to Face
  • Integrate with IM / VoIP
  • No to Accelerated Spam

It’s incomplete without adding.

  • We understand that relationships based on trust are not always explicit and categorization is neither a requirement or necessity for participation. In fact we embrace individuality and expect it to emerge from the information we exchange.
  • We want control over our presence, our whereabouts and what we are doing. While and when norms emerge we understand they will change over time and with the audience.
  • We recognize we are each part of many different networks and conversations. We may have difficulty articulating them and yet under the right conditions new sources of unexpected value emerge.
  • We control when it is appropriate or not to share infomation about ourselves. We retain permission and determine the level and degrees of privacy we desire and will share with those that we trust
  • We share to create utility and opportunities for all of us to grow. As our networks expand they will encourage new emergent forms of sharing and discovery. Agents and Initiators are an important part of the network when linked to reputation, trust and relevance.

    I made the direct link to blogs too strongly. I should have stuck with “I am my own the hub”. What was meant as a decentralized illustration for knowledge sharing takes on too large an importance. Blogs and text are not necessarily requirements for Social Networking.

    A great strategy is really central to solving the puzzle. The comment via SSW reflects my belief that accelerating learning is the real payoff. This quote sums it up.

    In this brutal competitive market that we face today, the only conversations that matter to businesses are ” Where can we find and collaborate with customers and business partners in our quest for Strategy Innovation “. And the new social networking technology (weblogs and social software) is our best chance to make this vision a reality. It

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