Exit Strategy

September 9, 2004

in Brand Futures, Recommended Books

I’d missed Exit Strategy by Douglas Rushkoff until it landed on my desk this week. It’s a late 20th century satire complete with footnotes from the open source online edition chosen by the author. In a quick flip I discovered this one and liked it.

“Until 2020, most computer software was still produced with encrypted code. This meant that only the company that published and owned the software could modify it! It was an anti-evolutionary posture adopted by most of the software industry that stunted technological development. Current analysis indicates that by 2009, computer software was thirty years behind where it would have been had open source been the dominant development model.” — Sabina Samuels

Now for a little pleasure reading something different.

Although the book takes place in the near future, the text itself only “surfaced” online in the 23rd Century. The entire text is annotated with footnotes so that terms like “Microsoft” and “NASDAQ” make sense to the future reader who, presumably, lives in a world beyond such things. :: Douglas Rushkoff ::

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