Ah Minutes and Minutes Served

September 15, 2004

in Skype Journal

Ah so blogging does have impact. Skype adopts my Millions and Millions statistics suggestion.


From my earlier post….

One thing I’ve always wondered is why Skype doesn’t embrace better statistics. Many years ago McDonalds actually counted the number of people served. Then one day it became billions and billions and all of a sudden that statistic no longer was relevant. Yet in the early days it provided a nice measure of success. By contrast Skype’s number of downloads, registered users and number online is not enough to fuel a community and give it perspective. Communities play an important role in both generating and providing statistics.

I’m not alone in noting the implications.

Well, have you seen Skype’s home page lately? They now have a VoIP minutes counter that draws parallels to McDonald’s “number of people served” counter. McDonald’s “number of people served” was a brilliant marketing ploy. Tom Keating

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