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September 17, 2004

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Where will the new communications companies create value? Two posts today… One tracing to the “End of Telecom” and the other another “End of E-Mail”. What will superceed the phone and e-mail as the primary means of doing business?

Via Om Malik Daniel Berninger’s post is a good read.

As Dan points out in his well worded op-ed, The End of Telecom,

“The telephone incumbents find themselves in a bind not unlike the railroads with the arrival of the automobile or the mainframe with the arrival of minicomputers/PC’s. The much noted convergence of data and voice networks really amounts to a hostile takeover of communication by the information technology sector. The Internet did not get invented to displace the PSTN, but continuous improvement makes this outcome inevitable. “

In any of those scenarios, the industry suppliers were the worst hit, and so were the profits. In my own piece I have argued that we are still in the middle of a death spiral of telecom, and new technologies like VoIP are only going to accelerate the race to the bottom.

Om Malik

Stowe on the case for real-time response and impact on IM.

A new Corante Brief (available here in PDF): Stowe Boyd Consumer instant messaging has led to a communication revolution that has swept worldwide, and is now charging the face of business. Stowe Boyd

Finally a link to a resource paper via Denham Grey. Actually it is more of a book and I’m not through it all yet. Yet it may help with thinking through how business processes must change, and where organizations need to be more adaptive in introducing new tools.

COINs follow examples of the open source ethos, participants are early adopters and they adhere to principles of collaborative knowledge networking. This seems to a fusion of social networks, enabled by web technology and knowledge sharing. Denham Grey

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