VON and PopTech

October 11, 2004

in VoIP

I’m hoping a trip to VON and Poptech will get me back into the blogging habit.

I’ve been asking myself why one falls into a trap of neglecting their blog for a few weeks. It’s not complete neglect although time has played a role. Plus I’ve got posts that were drafts and just never posted. So perhaps I should question why I didn’t post them?

I think the answer is I’ve been looking at some really exciting new applications in social networks, collaboration, VoIP and what Skype’s new API will mean. I’ve run some reviews and updates for myself on all the well-known products and some newer lesser know ones. Some have changed and some are still dogs. It’s left me with screeds of information and not in a format for easy sharing.

I’m also off for VON in Boston next week. There is a bloggers dinner planned on the Tuesday night and then later in the week I’ll be at PopTech. So if you are going to be at either of these event ping me and let’s meet up.

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