Bloggers Dinner and Event Capture.

October 26, 2004

in General Interest

Bloggers dinner at PopTech. I think 28 bloggers turned up at the PopTech bloggers dinner at PopTech. Master blogger David Weinberger has the most copious notes on events and interpretations. See his blog for posts. Halley’s Comment and Buzz Bruggerman were also very active in the backchannel along with the constant stream of extra links from Jerry Michalski. Buzz has the full list. Hope he posts them soon.

I’m also beginning to draw some conclusions about blogging, it’s role and conferences. I purposely decided not to blog PopTech verbatim or even keep detailed notes just flowing to the PC. Instead for the most part I wrote notes on old fashioned paper. It was a question of space. The Opera house is beautiful and a tight fit for typing on one’s knees. I also think my expectations are changing. Now I believe that someone will blog almost the whole thing verbatim. You can certainly get a brilliant graphic record from Peter Durand. So why blog it? Wiki’s are even more helpful for providing a group record where they are executed. Maybe I’m just getting lazy.

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