Blog-Based Research

November 1, 2004

in Conversational Blogging

I like the way Ross puts it. “decreases transactions costs” ( read real-time interaction and research while increasing client interaction. Still before working in this way the benefits are accelerated learning and incremental release / capture of tacit infomation are often hard for clients to understand. The post sums up a nice set of observations.

Mike from Techdirt — which not only delivers public analysis, but custom corporate intelligence via private blogs. They have hit upon the beginnings of a cost effective method of delivering post-by-post analysis that engages the research client in conversation.

Overall, the model decreases transaction costs for publishing and client interaction. The client service shifts from the end analysis product (.pdf) to the open process of research. Some of this process can be shared for free on public blogs, some of it is a private value added service. <[Ross Mayfield’s Weblog]

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