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November 4, 2004

in VoIP

Are you thinking outside the box. Yet another article suggesting that telecoms are underestimating the threat of VoIP and new entrants like Skype. It’s notes like this that tempt me to blog “If I was a major Telecom CEO today…. “. One of the interesting elements is that many telecoms have worked with scenarios that include rapid VoiP adoption. Yet it’s clear that the delivery has never got them at the visceral and gut level. That’s a shame and poor execution. For the result is no immersion in “what could be” and thus they aren’t creating new options for their stakeholders.

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Making cheap telephone calls over the Internet could be much more popular among consumers than previously estimated, leaving incumbent telecom service providers highly vulnerable, a survey revealed on Thursday.

Over 50 million western European consumers with a broadband Internet connection at home may use telephony software and special phones by 2008, British research group Analysys found.

“The impact on traditional telephony providers’ revenues could reach 6.4 billion euros in 2008, representing 13 percent of the residential fixed-line voice market,” said analyst Stephen Sale, adding this was a worst case scenario drawn up for operators who want to know how badly Yahoo News

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