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November 9, 2004

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What’s a Skype Presence Server? From Qzoxy It allows you to share your Skype Presence (at the moment online status) beyond your buddylist. While SkypeMe buttons have proliferated on many blogs they never provided crucial presence information. Here are sites where you can see Skype Presence being Shared. At the end I encourage PayPal to use the Skype API as a payment mechanism.

Active in a bulletin board? Want to activate your Skype signature. Here is how. It’s still early stage and not that sophisticated yet. Still it shares the same amount of detail you get from a buddylist and that has a positive impact on communication.

Most ambitious to date. See Jyve: A joint-venture partner with Qzoxy who will be providing hosted solutions for web sites and BBs. If you think using the Skype API opportunities are limited you should just sign up to Jyve so you can get your password and registration details back… not via e-mail, rather directly in a Skype text message from Jyve. That’s a pretty neat trick. It means in time… that call placed from a site like Jyve will be able to ring and provide a caller ID and context letter simultaneously. That will be a pretty neat trick and is yet again something that telephone companies can’t provide. Subscriptions to different services will enable more effective call screening. Now there is another market for that.

Here is a short list where some users are participating by sharing presence.
Qzoxy Test Forum currently conducting load measurement tests.
Skype Forum
German Skype Community Forum
Skype Spanish Community Forum
Bill Campbell’s website our Qzoxy Contact Us Page

What does this mean at the moment? Signatures on bulletin boards are having active Skype logo’s added to them. So you can see my current Skype status below and it will update from time to time. My presence (this logo) is tied directly to the Qzoxy server. The next step will be more detailed calling cards; coming soon.

My Current Skype Online Status Click for Contact Options

I also imagine some of you asking me if broadcasting my Skype status bothers me. I’d have to answer that it doesn’t. I don’t block calls or text messages. They simply aren’t a nuisance and I’m not a pretty girl to be hit on. So for the most part I get the calls I need and / or expect. Enabling my presence particularly in communities or environments where I would like to connect with others makes sense to me. What I may want in time is a “Presence Service” one that registers my presence or serves it differently to different groups at different times. It may also serve up access in the future. Example: I am available (subject to my presence management setting) to community X between 6 and 9 pm every night. This could be my daughters sports team. If I’m on the line it will know and may even instigate a call back and que system.

So rather than being confronted with am I listed in the white pages or not…. I can list my number and availability with services and communities that warrant my attention for which I will grant access. Then again… put a big enough PayPal check on the call and I’ll probably answer. So how long before PayPal runs with Skype handles as an alternate to e-mails? Or is that SkypePay? Hmmm.

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