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November 11, 2004

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So what makes the first Skype application from Qzoxy and Jyve so very interesting? It’s a smart VCard and here is a picture and of the working prototype today, a mere illustration of what will exist a year from now. If you are operating a call center, a social networking site, dating site, 900 business etc. think it through. I’D LIKE TO KNOW WHAT USES YOU SEE EMERGING?

Marc Canter of FOAF fame? Then to quote David Weinberger “It’d integrate with other applications on your phone device. It’d know who’s calling from where and spin up a web page to show you the relevant information. It’d link to everything the Net knows.”. Is this part of what you want David?

qzoxy jyve 111104.jpg

You too can add it for free at Jyve. Click on the Jyve-Tags button. You will need a Jyve profile to participate. A simplified form is likely to be in the works. There is no charge. Jyve won’t be alone offering Q-Cards, others will come to offer the Qzoxy Q-Card. Where I think an interesting immediate experiment could be made would be to provide the Q-Card with TypePad accounts substituting for the current e-mail link.

A couple of things worth pointing out. You don’t need to have Skype to send in a call request. Thus even POTS only can request a Skype call back which at your option can be executed at SkypeOut rates. In time I’m sure this VCard no Q-Card will evolve to tell you the best way to get me at any moment and how long you have to wait. Q – Que. That’s more useful than Plaxo (I don’t use it) which merely updates phone numbers. Then there are a lot of paying businesses that work around the “click to connect”. There is a lot of opportunity here.

The Skype API has been noted by Tom Keating and Andy Abramson of course. Still if you go back to the Skype API announcement page you will see that they missed the real story as “presence” isn’t mentioned. Frankly I think it is the biggest story of all and they clearly need to get a team working on it. There’s some additional client features that the developers and us users will require. The picture above should be worth way more than a thousand directory services! The fun is only just beginning.

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