Sky Jumping

December 1, 2004

in General Interest

skyjumplogo.gif New Zealand is the adrenaline capital of the world. If I had time I would be heading down to Queenstown, however this time it’s been in and around Auckland. Before leaving my son and I headed to Auckland’sSkyTower ( the tallest buiding in the southern hemisphere) where one can literally jump off the edge. It’s some 172 meters to the ground and all over in twenty seconds. Reaching a decent speed of over 40 miles per hour I wondered if it was really a plunge to certain death or just another thrill ride. I convinced myself when signing up that it is really a personal elevator without a floor. Unlike a bungy jump one doesn’t have to dive off and then bounce around. Instead I told myself that one merely steps off. I wonder about my glasses.. For the ride itself I’m in for a modified jock strap and a couple of guywires. A momentary sense of trepdation and three, two one…. !

skyjumpstuart4.jpg skyjumpstuart3.jpg

Pronouncement. It’s all over too quick. There is skydiving in my future!

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